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Arsenal Tool Storage and Squids Tool Lanyards retract, extend and secure your gear so it’s always in the last place you left it. Help us create a DROP FREE ZONE.

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Whether your workers are working from a great height, they need to use handheld equipment to work quickly and efficiently, or they need to keep that equipment close to their bodies, tool lanyards can be used to help those objects, tools, or pieces of equipment from falling. Tool lanyards, sometimes referred to as tool tethers, work by attaching tools or equipment such as expensive barcode scanners or radios, safe and secure while they are in use. When items are properly connected, they will provide a sturdy way to stop them from falling, allowing them to be recovered quickly and safely.

Here at Pryme, we provide the Squids lineup of tool lanyards, tethers, harnesses, holsters, and holders. Tool lanyards are usually used in the prevention of dropped objects. Our tool lanyards work by fixing equipment and objects to the lanyard. You can also attach a tether to the tool lanyard; however, a tool lanyard can be used with or without the tool tether depending on the type of tool your employees are using.

As one of Australia’s leading providers of workplace safety since 1999, we take great pride in helping your employees do their jobs more efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, safely. All of our tool lanyards, tethers, harnesses, holsters, and holders are made from heavy-duty webbing straps and buckles, so they can take everyday wear and tear better, or are better able to be used in harsh environments. Using our tool lanyards and attachments, you’ll be able to help your employees to look after the equipment and avoid causing damage to it or other items, equipment or workers while they are working.

Prioritising the protection of equipment is essential in preventing damage caused by dropped objects. All harnesses, holsters, holders and equipment undergo rigorous testing and are third-party certified to support barcode scanners. These dropped object prevention products are designed with a 2:1 safety factor, ensuring that they are effective ways to significantly mitigate the risk of equipment damage. Find out more about creating a DROP FREE ZONE. For more information on Dropped Objects visit Safe Work Australia’s website here.


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