Our Community


We are dedicated to actively supporting local community initiatives, sports, and safety measures across Australia and New Zealand. As part of our community engagement efforts, Pryme sponsors various local sporting associations, charities and supports events that foster a sense of unity and well-being within our communities.

KOBE MILLER NEW ZEALAND ROWER - Pryme Australia - Sqwincher Hydration

“I have been using Sqwincher since I started rowing in high school. My rowing performance really progressed rapidly during this time and got me to a point now where I have represented New Zealand on multiple occasions on the world stage. The fact that there are a variety of flavours and different ways to consume electrolytes makes it very convenient and innovative, which really stands out from the rest of the market.”

KOBE MILLER – New Zealand Rowing Athlete


Community Support

In addition to our support for sports and events sponsorship, Pryme has played a vital role in contributing to community safety, charities, events and community initiatives. Our donations have reached diverse groups, from health services and emergency response teams to community care facilities, ensuring a safer environment for all. Pryme remains committed to making a positive impact on our community, promoting sports engagement, and prioritising safety through meaningful contributions that resonate with the diverse needs of our communities in Australia and New Zealand.

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