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When the heat is up, don’t sweat it check out our range of Evaporative Cooling PPE.

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Whether you’re someone who works out in the gym or prefers going for a walk outdoors, you would understand how any kind of physical activity or exertion during warm weather can work up a sweat. Now just imagine doing that all day. That’s exactly what happens to workers across a range of trades and industries who work outdoors or in hot and unventilated areas. And just like when you exercise, you know a cooling towel can be used to wipe away sweat, but when it’s wet and put on your body it can help to stay cool over longer periods of time. If a body can’t be kept cool, it can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Some of the symptoms for heat exhaustion may include dizziness, headaches, nausea, and cramping in the muscles, and if it’s not treated by intaking fluids, getting the body made cooler, or removing a person from the situation, it may become life-threatening.


Ensuring employees have plenty to drink and drink often throughout the day is one of the best ways to help ensure they don’t overheat, however, there are other practical ways that they can cool down the outside of their bodies as well. A cooling towel works by using evaporation to draw water away from the body while also cooling the skin down. Usually, all a worker needs to do is soak the cooling towel in water for a few minutes, wring it out and then apply it on their body. While they are water-activated, most options on the market don’t feel wet to the touch, so they are more comfortable to wear all day while working. Most options of cooling towels tend to last five hours or more, so they can provide cooling relief during most of the shift, and they can easily be re-wet on breaks to see out the remainder of the day. They can also be worn around the neck, under a hard hat, around the arms, or anywhere else that feels comfortable while not affecting the worker’s ability to perform their job properly.

There is no doubt that keeping your workers safe from heat illnesses is one of the best ways to keep them focused on the job at hand while they work. By utilising the right cooling workwear and implementing products like the cooling towel range we have in stock here at Pryme, will drastically reduce heat-related illnesses and any accidents they may cause in your workplace.

As temperatures soar in unpredictable climates, working outside can cause overexposure to the sun, leading to heat stress and dehydration. Workers across Australia and New Zealand are asking themselves what to wear when working outside in the heat. According to Safework Australia, working in extreme heat can lead to a range of heat-related illnesses, including heat rash, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. It’s essential to know the signs of heat stress and take measures to prevent it. Find out more here.


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