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For workers on construction sites, mining, infrastructure and other industrial settings, the threat of falling objects can be a serious hazard. Even a small tool or piece of equipment dropped from a height can cause significant injury or damage, and in some cases, even be fatal. To combat this risk, many worksites in Australia have adopted the concept of a “Drop Free Zone,” where workers are required to take extra precautions to prevent death and injuries caused by a falling object.

What is a Drop Free Zone?

A Drop Free Zone is a designated area where workers are required to keep all tools, equipment, and materials secured and in their proper place. This can include using tool belts and tool lanyards and tethering equipment to prevent it from being dropped. By creating a Drop Free Zone, employers can help minimise the risk of dropped objects, which can not only harm workers but also cause damage to assets on site and delays in production. From 2021-2022 there were a reported 20+ deaths in Australia and New Zealand, 18,000 injuries from dropped and moving objects… and who knows how many close calls.

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The Solution

The benefits go beyond just safety. Employers can also increase efficiency by reducing the amount of time and resources spent on repairing damaged equipment. Creating a culture of safety where workers are encouraged to prevent accidents can boost morale and employee satisfaction.

Join us in setting a higher standard with innovative solutions and a proactive game plan to create a drop free zone. We all know the ABCs of human fall protection. But what about the “3Ts” for tools and equipment to create a drop free zone?


CREATING CONNECTION POINTS ON TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: Trapping refers to retrofitting a connection point onto a tool or primary anchor for a safer attachment point. Some tools do not come with a secure attachment point built into the tool. In these situations, a secure attachment point must be created.

Check out the range of tool traps from Ergodyne’s Squids range, including the 3755 Self-Adhering Tape Trap and 3770 Tape Measure Holder Belt Clip.


RETENTION BETWEEN TOOL LANYARDS & ANCHOR POINTS: Tethering is the retention of tools and equipment to anchor points, and is achieved through the use of tool lanyards that are made with an innovatve shock-absorbing design to stop the tool from being dropped but also does not put stress or drag on the user.

We range all manner of tool lanyards and PPE tethers, from the 3148 Tool Lanyard XL Carabiner 36kg, and the 3105 Single Carabiner Tool Lanyard 6.8kg, although the way through to the 3155 Elastic Tool Lanyard with Clamp for Hard Hats.  


SECURE CLOSURE ON CONTAINERS FOR TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: Tool pouches, bags and hoist buckets should have a secure closure or “top” that can cover contents and prevent them from spilling if tipped. All containers may have tethering points available to attach tool lanyards but, if a container does not have a secure closure, it must have these tethering points available.

Take your tools and safety to the greatest height with the Arsenal 5974 Large Nylon Hoist Bucket Tool Bag 45kg.

Ultimately, the success of a Drop Free Zone depends on the commitment of both employers and employees to prioritise safety. This can include investing in proper equipment and training, setting clear guidelines and expectations, and creating a culture where safety is everyone’s responsibility. By working together, employers and workers can help create a safer, more productive worksite for all.

We Educate. We Engage.

Toolbox Talks are a great way to engage workers to connect, share and educate on how to stay safe on site. Contact us today to schedule a free session for your team. See Pryme’s entire range of products to create your own Drop Free Zone here.

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