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With innovative products and an authentic passion for protecting hardworking people, our family business has grown to become an industry leader in workplace safety.
Everything we do at Pryme is underpinned by our genuine commitment to making the workplace a better place®. We’re discerning about which industrial workplace products we supply, which is why we’ve partnered with industry leaders Sqwincher® Hydration, Ergodyne® Work Gear, Greven® Skin Care and Maxiblock® Sunscreen. We choose only the best products on the market to support our ongoing mission to reduce workplace accidents and injury, and we back them up with comprehensive training and support programs aimed at ensuring your workers are safe and productive on the jobsite.
Safety in the workplace matters to us. Since launching in 1999, we’ve worked equally as hard on education as we have on product supply, aiming to promote awareness across industrial workplaces on safe and effective hydration and the importance of preventing injury. Today, we’re spreading the word about how dropped tools or pieces of equipment are a leading cause of devastating workplace injury and even death in Australia, and how we can use innovative products, comprehensive education, and daily diligence to reduce these statistics and make the workplace a safer place.®
We care about workers. We also operate ethically, so we believe every business deserves to access the best possible prices when they’re investing in keeping their workers safe. We’re committed to staying abreast of evidence-based industry innovations across the world, and we hand-select the best suppliers to provide the highest quality products on the market and deliver them at competitive prices. We also care about our economy, which is why we’ll always endeavour to support Australian businesses with affordable and durable products that protects their livelihood as well as their workers.
We might have grown, but we’re still a family business. Our growth has come from the solid basis of our values, and our consistent delivery of professional and efficient services to our partners has enabled us to establish a strong network of distribution centres across Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. We also supply throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Singapore and South Africa with the same logistical expertise and fast and efficient delivery. No matter where you are, Pryme can get your products to you faster, and help you make your workplace a safer place.®

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Supporting not-for-profits and social enterprise

We care about the safety of workers everywhere. That’s why we’ve been ready to assist in times of unprecedented crisis, including supplying effective hydration products to the frontline workers battling the worst bushfires in our nation’s history. But supporting worker safety isn’t just about helping to put out fires as they happen. Protecting the people and resources of our country is an ongoing and long-term commitment, which is why we’re always supporting local businesses who are working hard to resolve some of our community’s most challenging social issues.

MATES in Construction - Mental health awareness

Pryme is committed to protecting workers from the workplace accidents that continue to be a leading cause of injury and death in Australia. But what most people don’t know is that construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than by a workplace accident: Australia loses a construction worker to suicide every second day. The effects of these horrific losses aren’t just impacting our businesses and the workers in them, but impacting Australian families for generations. That’s why we’re proud to support MATES in Construction, and to be involved in an initiative that brings support, strength and resilience to workers in need.


MATES in Construction is a registered charity working alongside Aussie construction workers to raise awareness of suicide as a preventable problem, to build stronger and more resilient workers, and to connect workers who need it to the best available help and support. In partnering with researchers to better inform the industry about best practice in mental health, and in engaging skilled volunteers and field officers to challenge outdated beliefs and open channels of communication, MATES in Construction is skilling our workers in suicide prevention literacy and helping to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of workers in one of Australia’s largest industries. MATES in Construction is tackling construction workers’ disproportionate risk of suicide by operating a four-pronged system that includes practical workshops for workers on the jobsite, field visits, and supportive interventions following critical incidents and suicide.


“I am feeling better now I have the right support, and it gives me comfort to know I work somewhere where you can see that mental health comes first.”  ­–ABC online


Pryme is proud to be working with MATES in Construction as part of our commitment to supporting the safety of workers in the workplace, and we’d like to encourage you to make use of this valuable service suite in safeguarding the mental health of workers in your business and to contribute to making the workplace a safer place.

Green Fox Studio - Creative agency with a difference

Pryme cares about the safety of workers, but we also care about the people in their networks outside the workplace. We’re committed to supporting the initiatives of social enterprises who are as passionate and innovative as we are about creating safer communities, which is why we’re proud to be one of Green Fox Studio’s most faithful long-term clients.


Green Fox Studio is working to reduce crime and recidivism by skilling detainees in graphic design, marketing and 3D animation. The studio is not only an industry-leading, full-service creative agency delivering high-quality design and marketing services, but a social enterprise that is passionate about eradicating disadvantage and the social and economic barriers that lie behind every crime. They provide person-centred social support, skills training and education to detainees and young people who have come into contact with the criminal justice system, which has already reduced the reoffending rate of the cohort to just 2% (compared with 40% in the wider community), and created meaningful employment opportunity.


“Green Fox Studio has been a life changing opportunity for me. They came into my world at my lowest point and provided me with the tools, knowledge and experience to benefit me upon my release.” –Green Fox trainee


Crime costs the federal and state economies billions of dollars every year, and is one of the most prominent contemporary social issues in Australia. Like Green Fox Studio, we believe that creating safer communities is a collective responsibility, and that it’s important to invest in initiatives that tackle this issue in new and effective ways. That’s why Pryme is proud to be the studio’s first and longest-served client, and to be part of this growing network of businesses who believe in helping disadvantaged people to construct new lives that strengthen and support the communities to which they return.


We don’t just believe in making the workplace a safer place; we believe in making the community a safer place. We also believe in second chances, which is why we’re proud to support Green Fox Studio in directing people in need to paths of prosperity and hope. We encourage you to look to this award-winning studio for your business’s most important design and marketing needs, and to play your part in making your own community a better place.

Endeavour Foundation

Endeavour Foundation is an independent, for purpose organisation established in 1951 with a vision to support people with intellectual disability to live their best life – starting with equal access to education and life-skills learning.

Employment opportunities are a critical part of an inclusive and empowering community for people with intellectual disability. By supporting Endeavour Foundation, we are supporting opportunities for people with disability to work, develop skills, earn an income, explore their interests and be involved in the community.

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