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Warehouse PPE, lanyards, slings and tethers that keeps your scanner close, safe and secure.

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The Warehouse PPE Scanner Harnesses and Lanyards are essential tools designed to provide security and accessibility for barcode scanners in warehouse environments. These industrial-grade harnesses are built with heavy-duty webbing straps and buckles, ensuring durability and reliability in the harshest working conditions. The harness features airprene shoulder padding for long-lasting comfort, and its hook and loop breakaway design allows for safe detachment in emergency situations.

The harness comes with a lanyard that includes two small loop attachments, easily connecting and disconnecting to small captive holes built into cordless barcode scanners. It also includes convenient features such as an ID badge holder and pen loops for easy storage and quick access.

Prioritising the protection of equipment is essential in preventing damage caused by dropped objects. All harnesses, holsters, holders and equipment undergo rigorous testing and are third-party certified to support barcode scanners. These dropped object prevention products are designed with a 2:1 safety factor, ensuring that they are effective ways to significantly mitigate the risk of equipment damage. Find out more about creating a DROP FREE ZONE. For more information on Dropped Objects visit Safe Work Australia’s website here.


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