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An ergonomic back brace can make all the difference.

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When deciding on a back brace for your employee, you want one that is going to give them the best support possible, especially where heavy lifting is required. Without a doubt, the spine is one of the most vital components of our body. It gives us structure, support, and flexibility. It protects our spinal cord which contains our nerves and allows us to control our body’s movements. Lower back muscle strain can make moving and lifting incredibly painful, and long-term strain can make things like walking, standing, and getting up and down excruciating. Over time, your employee may not be able to perform their job anymore. Back braces are a great support option to help employees prevent back strain or other types of back injuries.

Workplace safety for employees across all industries is incredibly important to us. This is why we started our business in 1999 and continue to provide innovative products from the world’s leading brands. At Pryme, we choose only the best back brace products on the market, to ensure our mission of reducing workplace accidents and injuries. Our main back brace products include the ProFlex 100 Economy Spandex Back Support, the ProFlex 100HV Economy Spandex Hi-Vis Back Support, and the ProFlex 1500 Weight Lifters Style Back Support Brace. Each of these products is designed to support workers as they do their proper lifting techniques while moving the stress away from their spine. By tightening the ProFlex back supports, will help to enhance the body’s intra-abdominal pressure, moving stress away from the spine. While using a back brace can’t be a guarantee that workplace injury won’t occur or cure existing back pain, when it is used correctly, employees will have the extra support they need while lifting, and promote proper bending, twisting, lifting, and schlepping techniques.

Pryme cares about workers, which is why we are committed to providing businesses like yours with evidence-based innovative and cost-effective solutions which protect your workers and their/your livelihoods. Our back braces are the best on the market, and will help to mitigate workplace accidents and injuries, ensuring a safe and productive workplace. They are ideal for a range of industries including construction, warehouse and distribution, maintenance, luggage and freight handling, material handling, assembly and fabrication, landscaping and groundskeeping, and any other jobs or industries that may require heavy lifting and need a back brace.


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