Chill-Its Cooling Gear for Every Heat Warrior: Personal Cooling PPE Done Right

Chill-Its Cooling Gear for Every Heat Warrior - PRYME AUSTRALIA

In the relentless battle against scorching temperatures, Ergodyne Chill-Its emerges as the knight in shining armour, offering a range of cooling solutions designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and ready for action. Let’s delve into why these cooling companions should be your go-to gear in the heat.

6700 Cooling Bandana - Chill-Its Cooling Gear for Every Heat Warrior - PRYME AUSTRALIA

Embark on a journey of cooling relief with the Chill-Its 6700 Cooling Bandana. Harnessing the power of polymer crystal technology, this bandana provides up to 4 hours of swift heat relief. Crafted with lightweight 100% cotton, it ensures a low-profile, no-bulk wear under hard hats. The tie closure allows for a snug, customisable fit on various head sizes, making it versatile for any activity. Ideal for construction, landscaping, running, hiking, or any heat-intensive endeavour, this bandana is the perfect companion. Activate it by soaking it for 2-5 minutes, and with easy hand wash and hang-to-dry maintenance, it’s ready for repeated use.

6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel - Chill-Its Cooling Gear for Every Heat Warrior - PRYME AUSTRALIA

Experience instant cooling magic with the Chill-Its 6602 Cooling Towel. Utilising super-evaporative PVA material, it creates an immediate cooling sensation, providing relief on demand. Enjoy up to 4 hours of cooling on a single soak, and reactivate it by rewetting for prolonged refreshment. This multi-use marvel is perfect for construction, camping, sports, or any heat-intensive activity. Easy care is ensured with machine washability using mild detergent. With dimensions of 33cm x 75cm, it offers ample coverage for ultimate cooling.

6603 Evaporative Cooling Towel - Chill-Its Cooling Gear for Every Heat Warrior - PRYME AUSTRALIA

Achieve a secure fit and instant cooling relief with the Chill-Its 6603 Cooling Band. The pull-through design ensures a comfortable and secure fit around the neck, providing immediate and lasting relief. With compact dimensions of 10.2cm x 74.9cm, this band offers flexibility without compromising cooling effectiveness. It’s machine washable for reuse, making it a sustainable choice for battling the heat.

6700 CT Cooling Bandana - Chill-Its Cooling Gear for Every Heat Warrior - PRYME AUSTRALIA

Step into the realm of advanced PVA cooling with the Chill-Its 6700CT Cooling Bandana. Activate it instantly with advanced PVA material, offering quick and sustained relief. Environmentally friendly, this re-usable champion is easily reactivated with water. The super-evaporative process keeps you cool, making it perfect for wear under hard hats or during intense physical activities. Ergodyne’s commitment to innovation is evident in the patented design. Choose from available colours in Solid Blue and Hi-Vis Lime to express your style while staying cool.

6487 Cooling Multi-Band - Chill-Its Cooling Gear for Every Heat Warrior - PRYME AUSTRALIA

Experience ultimate versatility and protection with the Chill-Its 6487 Cooling Multi-Band. This dynamic accessory offers head and face coverage, immediate cooling relief through evaporative technology, and UPF 50+ sun protection for outdoor work. Activate its cooling feature by wetting the band, ensuring hours of comfort, and benefitting from anti-odour treatment for lasting freshness. Its soft, stretchable knit material allows for multiple configurations, including a cooling headband, neck gaiter, face mask, and more. Whether worn alone or under a hard hat, this low-profile, one-size-fits-most multi-band combines moisture-wicking performance with reflective accents for visibility in low-light situations. Machine washable and designed for various activities, from construction to hiking, it redefines cooling headwear with style and functionality.


Calling all stockists ready to elevate your offerings! Ergodyne Chill-Its is your go-to for cutting-edge cooling solutions. Boasting an array of styles, colours, and designs, users can now discover their cool factor – a true game-changer. These products transcend functionality; they’re a fashion statement that keeps you cool. Plus, they’re in stock and ready to ship, ensuring your shelves are consistently stocked with these essential cooling accessories.

As El Nino ushers in heightened temperatures, prioritising worker safety becomes paramount. With heat stress on the rise and the WHS Act (2011) (Section 20) emphasising the need for action, existing guidelines on Heat Stress Management and Hydration often fall short. At Pryme Australia, we stand united in your commitment to safety culture and innovation. Our mission revolves around upholding the highest quality standards, addressing safety challenges, and ensuring the well-being of Australian workers. Recognising the need for practical solutions that effectively mitigate heat-related risks without compromising performance, we are unwaveringly committed to supporting your mission. Together, let’s navigate the heat, prioritise safety, and foster a resilient workforce.

So, gear up, beat the heat, and elevate your sales by introducing the cool revolution of Ergodyne Chill-Its to your customers. Contact us today, and let your customers experience the ultimate cool. It’s time to stay cool, work cool, and conquer the heat with Ergodyne Chill-Its!

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