Celebrate Australian Made Week 2024 with Maxiblock Sunscreen

Celebrate Australian Made Week 2024 with Maxiblock Sunscreen - PRYME AUSTRALIA

Australian Made Week 2024, from May 20-26, is a time to celebrate all things locally manufactured, spotlighting the heroes making, creating, and producing in Australia. This week raises awareness and support for Australian-made products and the companies that produce them. Among the notable participants, Maxiblock Sunscreen shines as a proud representative of Australian manufacturing excellence.

Maxiblock Sunscreen: Proudly Australian-Made

Maxiblock Sunscreen has been protecting Australians from the harsh sun since the 1970s. As a family-owned and operated business, Maxiblock’s mission is simple: to make high-quality sunscreens at a fair price, ensuring safety and peace of mind for you and your family.

Founded by Thibaut Mortier, an experienced chemist with a background from Chimie ParisTech and decades of expertise in UV filter technologies, Maxiblock embodies a deep understanding of sunscreen. After moving to Perth, Mortier applied his global experience to develop sunscreens tailored for the Aussie way of life. This commitment to quality and safety continues to drive Maxiblock, making it a trusted name in sun protection.

A Commitment to Quality and Responsibility

Maxiblock takes its responsibilities towards communities and ecosystems seriously. The company carefully selects ingredients, avoiding problematic or unnecessary components. All Maxiblock sunscreens comply with the Hawaii Reef Bill, ensuring they are reef-safe. Maxiblock has also put the environment first and packaging is made in Australia using renewable materials where possible.

The Maxiblock Range

Maxiblock offers a wide range of sunscreens to cater to different needs:

Supporting Local Manufacturing

During Australian Made Week, we celebrate companies that embody the values of local manufacturing. By choosing Maxiblock Sunscreen, you support local jobs, the domestic economy, and a brand that prioritises quality and sustainability. Purchasing Australian-made products like Maxiblock Sunscreen is a way to contribute to the prosperity of your community and the nation’s manufacturing industry.

Pryme Australia, the distributor of Maxiblock Sunscreen into the industrial sectors of Australia and New Zealand, plays a crucial role in making these premium sunscreens accessible to those who need them most. Whether it’s for workers in demanding outdoor environments or families enjoying a day at the beach, Pryme ensures that Maxiblock’s high standards of protection are available across diverse settings.

So, this Australian Made Week 2024, let’s celebrate the excellence of Maxiblock Sunscreen and other Australian manufacturers. Embrace products that support our local economy, provide top-tier protection, and reflect the best of Australian innovation and dedication.

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