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100% aluminium-free bottle can now hydrate our miners underground

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According to a study conducted by the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP), aluminium poses several safety risks in underground mines. These risks include the potential for fires and explosions, as well as the release of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. These hazards can arise due to the reactions between aluminium and other materials commonly found in underground mines.

There are restrictions and regulations around the use of aluminium in certain aspects of mining operations in Australia. One example is the use of aluminium in underground coal mining. In this context, aluminium is prohibited for use in certain applications due to the risk of sparking, which can cause explosions in the presence of flammable gases such as methane. Instead, materials such as brass or copper are often used in these applications, which are less likely to spark.

Our clients have alerted us about our concentrate bottles that contain an aluminium liner inside the lid and the risks associated with underground mines. High energy impacts of aluminium alloys on rusty steel objects can cause an incendive spark.

You spoke! We listened. With the hard work of our providers, we have developed a bottle that is safe to travel into underground mines across Australia and New Zealand. We have completely removed the aluminium in the lid and replaced it with a high-and low-density polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE) core liner that complies with regulatory requirements, does not promote microbial growth and most importantly, is 100% safe to use underground.

That’s right! You can now enjoy electrolyte-enhanced Sqwincher® 2L Liquid Concentrate when working underground. Sqwincher Liquid Concentrate is the perfect choice for anyone looking to correctly maintain hydration and electrolyte levels… even underground.

The PRYME Team are here to discuss your needs, safety innovation and how to secure your stock for underground hydration.

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REFERENCES: www.acarp.com.au

*All Sqwincher 2Litre Concentrate Bottles will be produced using the aluminium-free cap from JUNE 2023

Photo by Munkh-Erdene Eenee on Unsplash


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