Australian Made Week 2023 – Sqwincher Concentrate

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Australian Made Week 2023, May 15-21, brings with it a celebration of all things locally manufactured, celebrating those local heroes making, creating, and producing in Australia. The week aims to raise awareness and support for Australian-made products and the companies that produce them. Among the esteemed participants, Pryme Australia stands out with its proudly Australian-made Sqwincher Concentrate.

Pryme, is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Sqwincher. As the leading supplier of hydration solutions, Pryme has gained recognition for its commitment to quality and innovation. The decision to make Sqwincher Concentrate in Australia aligns perfectly with the spirit of Australian Made Week. By producing Sqwincher Concentrate within the country, Pryme Australia contributes to the growth of the domestic economy and supports local jobs. Furthermore, manufacturing locally ensures adherence to stringent quality control measures, providing customers with peace of mind regarding the product’s authenticity, reliability and availability.

Sqwincher Concentrate is a popular choice for those seeking optimal hydration during physically demanding activities. With a range of sizes, including the 2L concentrate and the 500ml concentrate, Pryme Australia caters to diverse hydration needs across the work site.

The 2L Sqwincher Concentrate offered by Pryme Australia is ideal for large-scale applications. It provides a high-quality electrolyte drink that replenishes vital nutrients lost during intense physical exertion. Whether it’s for sports teams, industrial workers, or outdoor enthusiasts, this concentrate offers a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining hydration levels.

For individuals on the go or those who prefer a more portable option, the 500ml Sqwincher Concentrate is a perfect choice. With its compact size, it can be easily carried and allows users to stay hydrated anytime, anywhere, ensuring optimal performance and well-being.

During Australian Made Week we recognise and celebrate companies that embody the values of local manufacturing. By purchasing Australian-made products, consumers can actively contribute to the prosperity of their communities and support the nation’s manufacturing industry. So, let’s raise a glass of Sqwincher during Australian Made Week 2023 and toast to the excellence of Pryme Australia and other Australian manufacturers.

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