How Australian Businesses Can Prepare for Extreme Heat Events: Insights from KPMG’s Heat Report

How Australian Businesses Can Prepare for Extreme Heat Events: Insights from KPMG's Heat Report

Australia faces a growing challenge with the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme heat events. These events not only pose a threat to the health and well-being of the population but also have significant implications for businesses, infrastructure, and overall societal continuity. Recognising the severity of this issue, KPMG, in collaboration with Melbourne-based climate resilience startup ClimaSens, has released a comprehensive report titled “Navigating Extreme Heat in Australia.” This report explores key risks associated with extreme heat, actions needed for effective response, and long-term strategies to minimise the impacts of such events.

Understanding Extreme Heat

Extreme heat is defined as three or more consecutive days with unusually high daytime and nighttime temperatures. The rising number of extreme heat days across Australia brings forth challenges that demand strategic planning and collaborative efforts from all sectors of society.

Preparation Strategies

Preparing for extreme heat events requires a proactive approach from both governments and businesses. The report outlines essential steps to ensure the safety of populations, maintain key infrastructure, and ensure organisational continuity.

  1. Plan
  • Understand the heat threat and its impact on your organization through scenario planning and asset mapping.
  • Utilise quality data, such as ClimaSens’ HeatSens product, which provides global heat risk analysis at a 30-meter resolution across Australia.
  • Data-driven planning is crucial for pinpointing risks and delivering impactful outcomes.
  1. Prepare
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of human, commercial, financial, and operational impacts.
  • Develop strategies that minimise the effects of extreme heat events on people, operations, assets, and infrastructure.
  1. Adapt
  • Invest in and execute mitigation strategies designed for both short-term and long-term risks.
  • Develop adaptation strategies that consider future climate risks, ensuring resilience at all stages of projects.
  1. Respond
  • Recognise that extreme heat events are likely to become more intense and frequent.
  • Governments and private organisations must build holistic strategies to maximise physical welfare and minimise risk during extreme heat periods.

The Cost of Extreme Heat

The impact of extreme heat is substantial, affecting not only health and well-being but also economic productivity.

  • Almost a quarter of Australia’s population faces a high to hazardous risk from heat.
  • Heatwaves were responsible for 36,000 deaths in Australia between 2006 and 2017.
  • By 2030, 2% of total working hours worldwide will be lost annually due to increased heat.
  • More than 60% of heatwave-related deaths between 2001 and 2018 occurred in the most disadvantaged areas of Australia.

How KPMG Can Help

Recognising the critical nature of extreme heat risks, KPMG offers expertise to help organisations navigate and respond effectively.

  • KPMG combines sector knowledge across heat resilience, local government, infrastructure, and industry.
  • Collaborating with ClimaSens, KPMG uses real-time decision support tools to provide clients with insights and foresight.
  • The joint efforts aim to help organisations plan, implement, and adapt to extreme heat challenges, reducing both economic and societal costs.

As Australia faces the upcoming hottest summer, the insights from KPMG’s report can guide businesses and government bodies in preparing, adapting, and responding to extreme heat events. The key is timely action to mitigate risks and ensure a resilient and sustainable future in the face of changing climate patterns. To read the full report visit – Navigating extreme heat in Australia

Pryme Australia: Your Partner in Heat Stress Mitigation

In the field of extreme heat resilience, Pryme Australia stands as a leader, offering transformative solutions that seamlessly complement KPMG’s strategic planning. Specialising in the crucial preparation phase, Pryme Australia’s innovations encompass:

  1. Ergodyne Cooling PPERevolutionising heat stress mitigation, our Ergodyne Cooling PPE includes a range of innovative products, from cooling vests to accessories. Designed for optimal comfort, these solutions keep workers cool in high-temperature environments, ensuring peak performance and well-being.
  2. Maxiblock SunscreenAn integral component of any comprehensive heat stress mitigation strategy, Maxiblock Sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Safeguarding individuals working outdoors contributes to overall health and safety in intense sun exposure.
  3. Sqwincher HydrationRecognising the critical role of hydration, Sqwincher delivers electrolyte-replenishing solutions. Essential for maintaining optimal hydration levels in high-temperature settings, proper hydration is vital for sustained performance and well-being.

Empowering Your Heat Resilience

As KPMG focuses on strategic planning, Pryme steps in to fortify your preparation efforts. Our innovative solutions ensure a comprehensive approach to heat stress mitigation, empowering organisations to proactively address challenges, minimise risks, and foster a resilient future.



In Australia, KPMG has cultivated a long tradition of professionalism and integrity. With approximately 6,700 professionals, including over 400 partners, and a network of 13 offices, KPMG’s impact is felt across the nation. Their dynamic approach aligns seamlessly with our commitment to serving mid-sized, fast-growing, and family-owned businesses, contributing to the vibrant business landscape in Australia.



ClimaSens stands at the forefront of climate intelligence, spearheading innovation in real-time decision support tools for urban heat adaptation and climate resilience. As a dynamic startup, we are committed to addressing the escalating risks and impacts of climate change on a global scale.

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