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Scaffolding Association Australia - PRYME AUSTRALIA - Dropped Object Prevention

Elevating the Scaffolding Industry with a Cohesive Vision

In an industry often overlooked and misunderstood in the construction process, the Scaffolding Association Australia (SAA) has emerged as a strong and influential voice, dedicated to promoting professionalism, safety, and growth within the scaffolding sector. What started as the Scaffolding Association Queensland (SAQ) in 1994 has now evolved into a national entity, representing the interests of its members across Australia.

Scaffolding Association Australia - PRYME AUSTRALIA

The SAQ’s humble beginnings in 1994 were driven by a clear mission – to elevate the level of professionalism within the scaffolding industry, which was all too often marginalised during construction projects. Recognising the need to support and guide their members, the SAQ set out to help scaffolding companies manage, operate, and expand their businesses successfully.

Fast forward to 2022, the SAA was officially formed, marking the transition from a state-based association to a national company limited by guarantee. This transformation allowed the SAA to widen its reach and influence, positioning itself as the leading representative body for the Australian Scaffolding Industry.

Over the years, the SAA has remained steadfast in its commitment to assisting members in enhancing and expanding their businesses. One of the primary ways it achieves this is by providing invaluable support and advice in business management and processes. Keeping up with technological advances in the scaffolding industry and disseminating new product information and updates on scaffolding legislation have been cornerstones of the SAA’s efforts to empower its members.

A significant aspect of the SAA’s role is representing its membership when engaging with State and Federal agencies. The association has an impressive track record in lobbying governments to ensure that legislation impacting the scaffolding industry considers the opinions and interests of scaffolding companies. Through their cohesive industry approach, the SAA has been instrumental in advancing more effective safety standards, contributing to the development of scaffold-related standards and codes of practice.

The SAA’s dedication to safety and professionalism extends beyond its own initiatives. It has been a driving force in advocating for safer practices within the construction industry at large. By collaborating with stakeholders and industry partners, the SAA continues to make strides towards a safer working environment for all. As part of its commitment to promoting best practices, the SAA has welcomed new members who share its vision for a safer, more professional scaffolding industry.

Today, the team at Pryme are proud to announce that we are now Associate Members of this exemplary organisation that is setting new benchmarks for the scaffolding sector. Pryme’s expertise in Dropped Object Prevention is of particular significance, as it aligns perfectly with the SAA’s mission to enhance safety standards and promote best practices in scaffolding operations.

As the SAA forges ahead as the Scaffolding Association Australia Limited, its members, including Pryme Australia, are primed to lead the way in advancing the scaffolding industry to new heights of safety, professionalism, and success. Together, they continue to be the driving force behind progress in the construction sector, creating a brighter and safer future for all involved. For association information and to register visit –

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