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Harish Chand is a highly experienced Financial Controller with over 25 years of senior financial management roles across various industries. With a CPA qualification, he has been an asset to Pryme Australia for nearly 11 years. Harish’s role at Pryme involves overseeing all aspects of finance, from accounts receivable and accounts payable to monthly management reporting and end-of-year accounts.

As Harish moves into retirement, his impact on Pryme Australia has been significant and far-reaching. Over his tenure as the Financial Controller, Harish’s expertise and dedication have played a vital role in the company’s growth and success. Working closely with the Directors, he has contributed to Pryme’s transformation into a healthier and stronger business.

Harish’s astute financial management, particularly in cash flow and profitability, has helped drive the company forward. His extensive experience and skills have been invaluable in navigating the complexities of the finance function. Beyond his professional achievements, Harish’s positive attitude, commitment to learning, and emphasis on safety have influenced the company culture and set a standard for excellence. Pryme owes a debt of gratitude to Harish for his unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions throughout his tenure. As he embarks on his well-deserved retirement, his legacy and impact will continue to inspire and guide Pryme’s future success.

He leaves us with some words of wisdom.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your name, work experience, background and position at Pryme?

My name is Harish. I am a Financial Controller with CPA qualification and have over 25 years of senior financial management roles across several industries. Here at Pryme, I handle all aspects of finance including AR, AP through to monthly management reporting and EOY accounts.

How long have you worked at Pryme?

I have been with Pryme for nearly 11 years.

What was your favourite aspect of your time working at Pryme?

The favourite aspect of my role was working side by side with the Director, running the Pryme business and seeing Pryme become a significantly healthier and stronger business during my time close to 11-year involvement. This aspect of my role and contribution has been very satisfying.

Favourite part of the job?

Cashflow management and helping drive profitability would be the favourite part of my role as a Financial Controller.

What sets Pryme apart from other places you have worked?

Pryme presented me with the opportunity where I was able to utilise all the skills and experience that I had acquired through my prior experience across several finance and management roles across different industries. This role here appeared was really meant for me! It is a very satisfying experience for Pryme and me both growing together during this period of my tenure. I can easily say my role at Pryme was the best job I ever had!!

What do people need to know about Pryme?

Pryme is a very healthy and stable business that offers great job security to all its employees. I have had a very satisfying 11 years of employment with Pryme and I expect the same some most of its current employees. Pryme has a very stable and long-time standing customer base and offers goods and services which are known to be up there amongst the best within its market.

What are some words of wisdom that you live by?

Always approach with a positive attitude and strive to make a difference in any role or task one may perform. Have a can-do attitude and never give up no matter how challenging a situation may be, stay in control of yourself. Believe in your self but don’t be overconfident as there is always still plenty more to learn. Learning and growth will never stop. Learn from small errors and learn not to repeat them. Be sincere and put in your best performance and the rewards will come if you are consistence with your output no matter whom you work for.

What is your favourite Ergodyne product and why?

The ProFlex Gloves and ProFlex 100 Back Support for me personally. Both of these products give me that extra support when I am working around the house.

There are multiple ways to drink Sqwincher, what is your favourite?

Without a doubt it is the Sqwincher Liquid Concentrate, I am partial to Wild Berry but let’s face it, they all taste great.

What message do you have for people working on a site that they need to hear?

Please do not compromise on your safety needs.

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