Create a Drops Free Zone™ with SQUIDS™ retractable tool lanyards

The Squids® 3011 Retractable Tool Lanyard is a lightweight and extremely durable tethering solution designed to mount to a D-ring user’s belt or a separate anchor point.

Using a retractable lanyard limits potential snag hazards compared to standard lanyards.

With a weight rating of 3.6kg the retractable tethering cord is made of high-strength, cut-resistant Dyneema® with a protective sleeve over the exposed cord to reduce wear and tear for a longer life. 122 cm length when fully extended with Swivelling anchor to reduce tangles.

Tested and qualified to the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard, these retractable tool lanyards have no equal. The tethering cord is designed to expose a red length of cord that serves as an impact indicator if the lanyard sees a force of 110lbs / 50 kg or greater, letting you know if a drop has occurred.

THIRD PARTY CERTIFIED – Meets a 2:1 safety factor

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