World Youth Skills Day

July 15 is World Youth Skills Day, and we’d like to take a moment to encourage you to support initiatives that provide important vocational training for young people developing their future careers.

Young people face many challenges in education and employment in the complexity of our world as it is right now, and their upskilling is increasingly important as we move to a more sustainable and pandemic-proof way of life. World Youth Skills Day, according to the UN, is held every year to ‘celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship’—and spreading awareness is a good way to create opportunities for young people to engage with education providers and employers and to begin a new pathway to a meaningful career.

Supporting young people in your workplace

Because of skills shortages across many sectors, the government has released a number of subsidies in apprenticeships and work-based education for young people. If your business is in a position offer an apprenticeship or traineeship to a young person, you can apply for significant wage subsidies to support their learning. This not only provides an income and a career path to the young person, but it removes the risk in your investment, and provides the opportunity for you to onboard a well-trained employee who could support your business long into the future. You can find more information about subsidies and on the Australian Government site.

Supporting disadvantaged young people

World Youth Skills Day also raises awareness about the lack of skills that prevent young people from working. While the post-pandemic period is difficult for all young people in developing the skills they need for decent employment, it’s even more so for young people who have experienced disadvantage, disability, and other challenges in finding and developing a rewarding career. That’s Pryme invests in the valuable initiatives of partners who support young people in the workplace.

When you buy from Pryme, you’re helping to give a leg up to kids who’ve experienced disadvantage and all its effects, including poverty, abuse, violence, and substance use. Our partners Green Fox Studio are currently in the process of opening a graphic and digital design training studio for young people in detention, giving them access to the professional and social support they need to break the cycle of disadvantage and build meaningful lives away from the criminal justice system.

You’re also helping to support people with intellectual disability to live their best life. Our partner, Endeavour Foundation, is an independent, for-purpose organisation providing equal access to education and life-skills learning to assist people with disability to work, develop skills, earn an income, explore their interests and be involved in the community.

As well as supporting young people through Pryme and its partnerships, you can support young people from home by spreading awareness of World Skills Day on July 15 through your social media. We’d love you to be part of furthering this great cause, and part of helping us to build rewarding careers for our next generation of workers. Contact our friendly staff anytime for more information on Pryme products and initiatives, and we’ll be happy to help.


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