Sqwincher: Fueling industrial workers since 1975

Sqwincher - Fueling industrial workers

For over 48 years, Sqwincher has been a trusted source of hydration, fueling industrial workers with its electrolyte-enhanced beverage.

Since 1975, Sqwincher has been a leader in the industry, providing workers with a refreshing beverage to replenish electrolytes and hydrate during long workdays. The company produces a wide range of electrolyte-enhanced beverages, in several different packaging for on-the-go use, and flavours that will suit everyone. The company’s formula is based on the same electrolyte profile as the human body, ensuring that its beverages provide workers with the necessary hydration and electrolyte replenishment they need while on the job.

Sqwincher was created by a small team, led by Mack Howard who wanted to create a beverage that would hydrate and replenish electrolytes for workers in the most efficient way possible. The team developed a unique formula that contains essential electrolytes and minerals, including a higher composition of potassium and lower composition of sodium compared to other drinks, this is the Sqwincher key to proper hydration. The other keys: great taste, critical electrolytes, scientifically formulated fluid balance

Acquired by Kent Precision Foods Group in 2015, Sqwincher is based in Columbus, Mississippi and is available around the world. Sqwincher’s commitment to delivering outstanding hydration solutions and inventive, efficient, and affordable packaging has earned them the name “The Drink of Industry®”.

Since 1999, Pryme has distributed the Sqwincher range to Australia and New Zealand, and it has help us hydrated and educate mining, construction and infrastructure industries on heat stress and effective hydration. We have been serving the industrial athlete in Australia and New Zealand for 23 years.

Our focus, at Pryme, has and always will be, on innovative products and a drive and authentic passion for protecting hardworking people, our family business has grown to become an industry leader in workplace safety.

Through our interactions with customers, we have come to understand that everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to staying hydrated, whether that is on the single-use, on-the-go Qwik Stik, the fast and effective Sqweeze Pop Hydration Ice Block (perfect in the heat) or the worksite wide solution like the Liquid Concentrate. We here at Pryme, pride ourselves on being your dedicated partner in hydration solutions and training.

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