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Welcome to Pryme’s Toolbox Talks Program – the essential safety training solution for building, construction, infrastructure, gas, oil, and mining industries across Australia and New Zealand. We bring safety innovation to you.

At our Toolbox Talks, we understand the importance of safety in high-risk industries, and we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools to keep your workplace safe. Our programs offer a wide range of safety training sessions, delivered by our experienced safety professionals, from the Chill Its Cooling Range, Sqwincher Professional Grade Hydration, and Tool Tethering to create Drop Free Zones.

In recent years, Toolbox Talks have become a popular tool for promoting safety on worksites. Toolbox Talks are brief, informal meetings held on worksites to discuss important safety topics with workers. These meetings provide an opportunity for workers to learn about safety practices, share their experiences, connect with their colleagues and find out about safety innovations.

According to a recent study by SafeWork SouthAustralia, “a comprehensive health and wellbeing program can provide a return on investment of $3 for every $1 spent.” Communication, networking and education are crucial aspects of Toolbox Talks. Workers can learn about new safety regulations, procedures, and equipment during these meetings. Toolbox Talks help to reinforce the importance of safety measures and provide workers with practical tips on how to stay safe.

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and our ability to deliver high-quality training that meets the needs of your industry. Whether you are a small construction firm or a large-scale mining operation, we have the expertise and experience to help your workforce stay safe and productive.”

Martin Koen, Pryme, Account Manager

Our training sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging, covering a variety of safety topics that are relevant, including hazard identification, risk assessment, and PPE usage. We tailor our sessions to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that the content is relevant and applicable to your workplace.

Sales Director at Pryme Australia, Brad Houlihan, has extensive experience in communication and connection being a major focus on worksite safety. “By attending our Toolbox Talks, you can rest assured that you and your team will have the skills and knowledge to work safely and prevent accidents in your workplace,” Brad explains. “Not only does this help to protect your employees from harm, but it also helps to reduce downtime and costly accidents, ultimately saving you money in the long run.”

Toolbox talks are an excellent way to provide education, connection, and worksite insights for workers. By incorporating them into your workplace, you can help ensure that your workers are safe, productive, and informed. Working with our company can help you develop effective toolbox talk programs that are tailored to your worksite’s specific needs, and that prioritise safety and education.

Join us today and experience the difference that our Toolbox Talks can make to your workplace safety. Contact us now to schedule your training session.

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