International Men’s Day

Pryme is passionate about Australia’s workers. That’s why we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to protect and support them, in physical as well as social and psychological ways. This month we’re focused on an important initiative relevant to many of our construction and trade worksites: International Men’s Day.

International Men’s Day is held on November 19 each year. Its objectives include promoting positive male role models not just among celebrities but among everyday, working-class men who are living decent, honest lives; celebrating men’s positive contributions to society, community, family, marriage, child care, and the environment; focusing on men’s health and wellbeing, including social, emotional, physical and spiritual; to highlight discrimination against men in areas of social services, social attitudes and expectations, and law; to improve gender relations and promote gender equality; and to create a safer, better world where people can be safe and grow to reach their full potential.

Promoting positive role models and contributions

International Men’s Day is a special time to make mention of the brave men who protect our communities in the defence force and emergency services, including police, fire fighters, ambulance officers and hospital emergency department workers, and people in every sector who are helping to create a fair and safe society for others.

But it’s also a great time to honour men who are role models in other ways that contribute to our society. This International Men’s Day, you could consider honouring people in your workplace for their contributions, including being a positive role model to junior staff and colleagues, and doing what they can to make the workplace a safer place.

Focusing on men’s health and wellbeing

International Men’s Day is also a platform to raise awareness to the challenges that men face in life, especially in relation to the international male suicide rate.

Many people are unaware that 1 in 3 men have been the victims of domestic violence; that they die on average 4-5 years before women; and that they are nearly twice as likely to suffer from lung cancer or heart disease than women. They also have a suicide rate 3 times higher than women, and are six times more likely to die from suicide than from workplace accidents.

That’s why Pryme supports initiatives like Mates in Construction, who are emerging as leaders in the field of community-based suicide prevention.They deliver a range of programs, beginning with general awareness training (GAT) that is delivered onsite to encourage workers to talk about mental health, and to provide practical guidance about how to assist their workmates in a crisis and to connect them to professional help.

Highlighting discrimination against men

Discrimination against men takes many subtle forms, one of them being that men should be stoic and not talk about their personal social or psychological problems.

The work of organisations like Mates in Construction is changing the overall culture of the industry, moving it away from the wrong belief that suicide is an individual problem, and towards the attitude that we all have the responsibility and power to help each other reach better mental health and wellbeing. This International Men’s Day, you could consider addressing work-related stress and its impact on the finances, lifestyles, and job opportunities of our workers, and help to change the culture of our workplaces towards more engaging and open discussion that could help to safeguard our workers and their families and communities.

Creating a safer, better world

This International Men’s Day, consider becoming part of creating a safer, better world, starting with our workplaces.

If you want to get involved, you could begin by supporting an initiative like Mates in Construction, or help to make the workplace a safer place by holding your own training and information sessions. For more information on products and strategies on preventing injuries and supporting the health of your workers, view our website for the latest innovations in worksite safety, or contact our friendly staff and we’ll be happy to help you make the most of this International Men’s Day.


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