Giving the gift of safety at Christmas

That time of the year has crept up on us again! We’re nearing Christmas, and the team at Pryme would like to remind all our partners and customers to stay safe during the silly season. Here’s a couple of easy things you can do to keep your workers and families safe these holidays, so they’re ready to tackle the challenges and harness the opportunities of the new year.

Christmas lights and decorations

Indoor and outdoor lights are a staple decoration at Christmas, and it’s a tradition that’s only getting more popular as different types emerge on the market. Most are now LED, which means there’s no more losing the whole chain when one bulb goes out, and there are plenty of battery and solar options available that are reducing energy consumption and the need for outdoor power outlets.

But there are still safety risks involved in creating a fairy-lit wonderland for Christmas. You can stay safe by:

  • Making sure not to overload your power-boards and outlets
  • Remembering to turn lights off when you go to bed
  • Unplugging your lights before you try to untangle them
  • Not using lights that have crimps or bare wires in the chain
  • Hanging your lights with insulated fixing products, not nails
  • Avoiding hanging lights around your pool or on your pool fence, or near BBQs
  • Switching off tree and roof lights during storms
  • Choosing fire-retardant and non-flammable options where available

One of the biggest risks is in hanging Christmas lights and decorations from heights. Always use a proper ladder on a flat and stable surface—and have someone help you!—when you’re hanging lights around your roof, guttering, ceilings, or other high areas around your house. For complete risk management while you’re decorating, you can find a range of Ergodyne tool-tethering solutions on our website that are designed to prevent injuries from dropped tools when working at heights.

Christmas trees

The same rules apply when decorating your Christmas tree as when hanging lights, but there are additional precautions you should take to keep your home or workplace safe during the holidays. Small children, and animals—particularly cats—will often be tempted to climb Christmas trees to reach interesting decorations, so always make sure your tree has a stable base to prevent it from falling over. If you’re buying a synthetic Christmas tree, or if you have an old tree, consider choosing a fire-resistant one that’s not likely to catch fire if there’s a power surge through your lights.

You should also try to choose decorations that don’t break easily into small, sharp parts, and never leave your tree unattended when there are curious little ones about.

Christmas parties

Many workplaces like to hold casual Christmas parties onsite to celebrate the end of the year. While these events are a good way to boost morale and foster good working relationships, it’s important to take proper safety precautions, particularly in workplaces that use heavy or dangerous machinery.

Be careful to adhere to the regulations governing your workplace, and stick to the rules on things like drinking alcohol onsite, wearing protective and appropriate clothing, access to restricted areas, and numbers of people allowed in each section. And most importantly, never operate heavy machinery and other tools if you’re under the influence.

Outside events

We all know how harsh the summer can be in Australia, especially around Christmas time. If you’re holding a social event, make sure to provide adequate shade—if you’re not sure what to use, you’ll find the Shax Work Shelter in on our website, which is a UV protectant gazebo-type shade solution that’s fast and easy to erect.

It’s also important to remember to keep everyone onsite hydrated and protected from heat stress, especially when there’s alcohol involved. Pryme stocks the Sqwincher range of hydration solutions, which not only taste great, but provide fast acting and effective electrolyte replacement to prevent dehydration and heat stress.

Also, remember to properly store any food you serve. Food—particularly meat, mayonnaise, and eggs—can turn quickly in the intense summer heat, so it’s important to safeguard against food poisoning by refrigerating or using ice and eskys where you need to.

Mental health

Finally, keep in mind that Christmas is not necessarily a happy time for every person. Remember to support your workers this year by asking how they’re doing, and if you notice someone is struggling in the lead up to Christmas, consider helping them to reach out to supportive organisations like Mates In Construction who provide professional mental health and social support to trade and construction workers.

Also remember to take a proper rest. The trade and construction industries are heavily overburdened right now; paired with the stressors of the pandemic, various housing crises, and a significant increase in our cost of living, a lot of our workers are navigating their way through levels of stress they’ve never dealt with before, making it more important than ever to get some down time.

If we can help you with any of our workplace safety products and solutions this Christmas, please feel free to contact our friendly team for more information. And if you’re looking for gifts for the tradies in your family, consider giving them the gift of safety: you can view our FY23 Catalogue here, or browse our website for the perfect protective gear to keep your loved ones safe on the job.

On behalf of the team at Pryme, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a bright and safe 2023.


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