Clean Up Australia Day: Rolling up our sleeves to keep Australia beautiful

Pryme is passionate about our beautiful country, so we didn’t hesitate for a moment in sponsoring the Northwall Beach Great Northern Clean Up for Clean Up Australia Day on 28–29 August. Our team was proud to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into removing rubbish from one of the Mackay region’s most attractive beaches, and in supporting the efforts of Clean Up Australia in improving resource recovery and sustainability.

This initiative is now thirty years old, and measurably contributes to protecting the environment by helping Australians to live more sustainably every day of the year. Clean Up Australia works with community groups, government and businesses to provide practical solutions to help prevent rubbish entering our environment as well as removing what has already accumulated, so we’re proud to be involved in supporting their endeavours in moving Australia further towards a circular economy where nothing is wasted in landfill. We’d like to encourage you to join the 19 million other Australians who have donated 38.5 million hours to this reputable cause, and show your love for the unique and beautiful Australian environment we’re privileged to live in.

Pryme is also passionate about workers and their safety, which is why we were more than happy to supply Sqwincher Hydration products to the participants. We know that even in winter, Australia’s temperatures and UV exposure can cause quite severe dehydration and heatstroke, so to ensure that no one suffered heat stress-related accidents or injuries while working in the sun, we supplied some of Sqwincher’s electrolyte-enhanced products that are a very effective source of hydration.

We’re a proud supplier and supported of Sqwincher, who produce a range of hydration products that are a vital component in any comprehensive work safety plan. Sqwincher’s Qwik Stiks contain low sodium and are caffeine free, sugar free, and contain zero calories. They’re easy to use by pouring the single-serve package contents into a drink bottle with water, shaking and drinking. They also taste great, and are available in Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemonade, Grape, Lemon Lime and Cool Citrus flavours, so it’s easy to maintain fluid consumption. Sqwincher also produce electrolyte liquid concentrates, which are available in 2L and 500mL and are a great replacement for cordials, available in Lemon Lime, Orange, Wildberry, Tropical Cooler, Grape and Lemonade flavours. Their frozen Sqweeze pops are available in five flavours and contain low sodium and no caffeine, and are an excellent first aid solution for rapidly cooling body temperature in workers experiencing heat stress or dehydration. Pryme is a proud retailer of these products, and we consider them to be a valuable asset for any business wanting to provide a safe working environment for their employees.

We received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mackay City Council for our efforts at the Northwall Beach Great Northern Clean Up, which we gratefully accepted. We’re proud of our commitments to worker safety and to improving our sustainability, and we’d like to encourage other businesses and individuals to follow suit and operate in socially responsible ways so we can all reap the benefits of a mutually supportive and circular economy.


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