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With the amount of Dropped Objects Prevention solutions out there, how do we find the right solution? The safety and security of tools are essential for workers operating at heights across Australia and New Zealand. Tool lanyards provide a simple, versatile, and reliable solution to keep equipment within reach while minimising the risk of dropped objects. At Pryme Australia, we have the right tool lanyard for any tool type and weight. Here are 4 exceptional tool lanyards designed for when the tools keep getting heavier – we CAN help you when choosing the right tool lanyard.

Scaffolding work requires precision and safety and considering the number of tools required for the job and the height of the work itself, there is no better than the ANSI/ISEA 121-rated Squids 3011 Retractable Tool Lanyard. The 3011 has been specially designed for this purpose. Convenient, retractable and has a low-profile design to reduce snags, and yet it is strong enough to tether hand tools up to a weight capacity of 3.6kg, with a 2:1 safety factor (third-party tested). Reliably secures mid-lightweight hand tools such as wrenches, hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers. The retractable design allows for easy extension and retraction, providing freedom of movement while keeping tools safely attached to the worker.

For versatile applications across construction sites, telecommunication installations, and manufacturing facilities, the ANSI/ISEA 121-rated Squids 3110F(x) Tool Lanyard is an excellent choice. With a weight capacity of 4.5kg, (with a 2:1 safety factor) the 3110F(x) securely holds a wide range of mid-weight hand tools and power tools. The dual carabiner design provides quick and easy attachment, making it a practical solution for various industries across construction, telecommunication, and manufacturing, and wherever a drop can cause considerable damage and production delays. Always keep in mind that drops will happen, but they can be prevented.

Things are getting heavier. In the infrastructure industry, where workers often operate in tunnels and bridges, the Squids 3119F(x) Tool Lanyard meets the ANSI/ISEA 121 rating and is a reliable choice. The 3119F(x) has 2:1 safety factor, tested to be trusted by a third party to a massive weight capacity of 11.3kg. This lanyard offers a secure attachment for tools commonly used in industries like infrastructure. The dual carabiners and swivel attachment enable smooth rotation and reduces the possibility of snags. Most importantly the shock absorbing design of the 3119F(x) reduces the energy transmitted through the tool lanyard during a dropped object, not only protecting those on the ground but the user as well.

Choosing the Right Tool Lanyard - 3011 - Pryme Australia Making The Workplace A Better Place

When working on elevated platforms like scissor lifts, the Squids 3129 Tool Lanyard is the perfect companion. The ANSI/ISEA 121-rated 3129 has been designed to be attached to the structure being worked on instead of the worker because of the risks associated with securing tools with more pull in case of a drop. Specially produced for heavy tools and power tools weighing up to 18kg (with a 2:1 safety factor that has been third-party tested – and retested), this lanyard ensures that essential equipment remains within reach, and minimises the risk of accidents and delays in production. The non-shock absorbing and single-length construction eliminates weak points and ensures ultimate strength. The 3129 has a double-locking single carabiner and swivel attachment providing ease of movement, and allowing workers to focus on their tasks with confidence.

It’s essential to choose the right tool lanyard for the job!

In every industry, selecting the right tool lanyard is crucial to maintain a safe working environment, preventing dropped objects, and protecting valuable tools. The Ergodyne Squids range of tool lanyards offers specialised solutions for specific industries, and are all ANSI/ISEA 121-Rated ensuring that workers in elevated work platforms, infrastructure, all-purpose fields, and scaffolding have the appropriate lanyards for their needs. Prioritise safety and productivity by choosing the right tool lanyard tailored to your industry and the tools you rely on every day.

Check out the entire range of Pryme’s Dropped Object Prevention solutions here.

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