8 Facts About Sqwincher: Electrolytes & Hydration

Sqwincher is Australia’s, New Zealand’s and America’s leading electrolyte-enhanced beverage used for industrial applications. Research comparing 53 electrolyte products, independent tests with food technologists, and interviews with medical professionals and sports nutrition experts have identified 8 key reasons why Sqwincher is the leading choice for effective hydration.

Staying hydrated and maintaining proper electrolyte balance is essential for optimal health and peak performance, especially for those who engage in physically demanding activities. When it comes to electrolyte replenishment, Sqwincher is a brand that stands out from the crowd.

Why Sqwincher is the best choice for your electrolyte replenishment needs!


1. Trusted Brand in Hydration for 45 Years

Sqwincher has a 45-year history and has been available in Australia and New Zealand since 1999. In that time Sqwincher has gained a reputation as a trusted and reliable brand for anyone who needs to stay hydrated and replenish their electrolytes. It really is hydration that works.

2. Low Sodium Content

The Heart Foundation recommends that no adult consumes over 2000mg of sodium per day. Many electrolyte drinks on the market are high in sodium. Sqwincher, on the other hand, has a superior balance of sodium and electrolytes. To put this into perspective, a single Sqwincher Qwik Stik only contains 138mg of sodium per 600ml.

“Sqwincher was introduced into our Steelmaking plant in mid-2000 with better than anticipated results. Since this introduction, there has not been one reported incident of heat exhaustion/fatigue, or work-related collapse, remembering the conditions can be extreme during summer. Due to the varied packaging, it is possible for even the most mobile of workers to have Sqwincher on hand anytime, anywhere. The results are not only in the reported injury stats, but also in the workers. Based on these facts, Sqwincher is an important asset on the production/maintenance lines.”

3. Highest Quality & Low Cost Per Serve

Sqwincher has a BRC Global Food Safety Certification and despite its high quality and superior taste, Sqwincher is also affordable and cost-effective. In fact, it has one of the lowest costs per serve among leading electrolyte brands, making it a smart choice for people who need to replenish their electrolytes regularly.

4. Regular & Sugar-Free Options

Sqwincher offers both regular and zero-sugar options, allowing people to choose the option that best suits their dietary preferences and needs. Sugar does assist the body in the uptake of electrolytes, but the sugar-free option is also a great choice for those who are watching their calorie and sugar intake.

“Sqwincher as a preventative therapy, tastes great, is scientifically formulated and will aid in the effects of dehydration.”

5. Superior Taste & Palatability

In a blind taste test conducted against leading electrolyte brands, Sqwincher came out on top in terms of preferred taste. This is important because when you’re engaging in strenuous activities, you need an electrolyte drink that not only hydrates you but also tastes good enough to encourage you to keep drinking.

6. Wide Range of Delivery Formats

Sqwincher is available in a wide range of delivery formats, including concentrates (Sqwincher Concentrate / Sqwincher Fast Packs), Qwik Stik powder packs, and Sqweeze freezer pops. In a study comparing 22 different electrolyte brands, Sqwincher scored the highest on the number of delivery formats available, making it easy for people to find a format that suits their individual preferences.

“An outstanding feature of the Sqwincher range of products is that they contain some of the lowest sodium contents on a per-serve basis of any product in the market. This is an important benefit for any individual who wishes to maintain good hydration whilst managing a low sodium outcome in their daily dietary regime.”

7. Concentrate Made in Australia

Sqwincher Concentrate is made in Australia, ensuring high quality and adherence to Australian manufacturing standards. This also means that the concentrate is readily available in the Australian and New Zealand market, making it a convenient and accessible option for people who need to replenish their electrolytes.

8. Sqwincher has you covered 365 Days a Year

Many people underestimate the importance of an effective hydration plan and that this needs to be a year-round, 24/7, 365 days a year routine. Sqwincher is committed to providing education and hydration solutions to help our customers meet the needs of their workers.

When it comes to electrolyte replenishment, Sqwincher is the clear winner. With its superior taste, a wide range of delivery formats, low sodium content, Australian-made concentrate, trusted reputation, regular and sugar-free options, and low cost per serve, Sqwincher is the best choice for anyone looking to stay hydrated and maintain optimal electrolyte balance.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your workers cool, comfortable and safe, our Hydration Plan Toolbox Talks are the perfect solution! Contact us today to schedule a free session for your team.

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