DYNAMIC DUOS – 3151 Coil Lanyard + 3785 Split Ring Attachments

DYNAMIC DUO – 3151 Coli Lanyard + 3785 Split Ring Attachments - PRYME AUSTRALIA
Introducing the perfect duo for personal device dropped object prevention. Keep them safe, keep them close with the new Squids 3151 Coil Lanyard and Squids 3785 Split Ring Tool Attachment.

When you go up, make sure it is tied down. Safety should always be the top priority on any worksite, especially when working at heights. The alarming statistics from 2021-2022 revealed over 20 reported deaths in Australia and New Zealand, along with a staggering 18,000 injuries caused by dropped and moving objects. In the Drop Free Zone, we strive for zero incidents, making safety everyone’s top priority

Ergodyne’s Squids line offers two powerful tools that work in harmony to keep your small personal equipment and devices close and safe, to create a drop free zone.

3151 Coil Lanyard Swivel Hook and Detachable Loop plus Mini Adhesive Mount - PRYME AUSTRALIASquids 3151 Coil Lanyard with Mini Adhesive Mounts is a game-changer in preventing costly drops and ensuring your devices and accessories are always within reach. Featuring a swivel hook on one end and a low-profile detachable loop on the other, this lanyard is the epitome of convenience and reliability. The swivel hook rotates 360° degrees and easily attaches to belt loops, clothing, bags, or wrist mounts with its thumb action lever and spring-loaded latch. The micro-loop end threads through the small captive holes of the included mini adhesive mounts, creating a secure tethering system for cell phones, cameras, hand tools, and other accessories weighing up to 0.9kg. With three double-sided mini adhesive mounts that use high-strength 3M VHB tape, you can trust that your equipment stays safe and within arm’s reach. The weather-resistant adhesive pads adhere to various materials and leave no residue when removed. Additionally, the low-profile and lightweight design minimizes snag and tangle hazards, ensuring a smooth and safe work experience.

Ergodyne - Squids 3785 Split Ring Tool Attachment 3.8cm 0.9kg - 10 Pack - PRYME AUSTRALIA 01 But that’s not all! The Squids 3785 Split Ring Tool Attachment complements the Squids 3151 Lanyard, creating larger retrofit attachment points on tools with small captive holes. With a simple installation process using ring pliers, these durable plated steel split rings provide a secure tethering solution for equipment up to 0.9kg. No more searching for connection points on small hand tools; the Squids 3785 Split Ring Tool Attachment ensures you can confidently tether your tools as part of your overall fall protection plan. These attachments are third-party certified to meet the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard, giving you the assurance that they are tested and trusted to withstand defined weight limits.

Whether you’re in construction, telecommunications, oil and gas, power generation, utilities, wind energy, manufacturing, or any other industry where dropped objects pose a risk, the Squids 3151 Coil Lanyard with Mini Adhesive Mounts and Squids 3785 Split Ring Tool Attachment offer an unbeatable combination for keeping your tools secure and your workplace safe.

With Ergodyne’s Squids dropped object prevention solutions, you can take safety into your own hands, confidently knowing that your equipment and devices are safeguarded with trusted and reliable solutions. Don’t compromise on safety – invest in the Squids 3151 Coil Lanyard with Mini Adhesive Mounts and Squids 3785 Split Ring Tool Attachment today for your personal device dropped object prevention solutions and request a Toolbox Talk.

REFERENCE: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/system/files/documents/1702/falling_objects_fact_sheet.pdf

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