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Pryme’s leading safety solutions are underpinned by the best products in the industry. We care about your safety, which is why we’re proud suppliers of Sqwincher, Ergodyne, and Maxiblock safety products. Whether it’s managing heat stress and dehydration, protecting skin, or preventing injuries while working at heights, Pryme’s comprehensive product catalogue can help you protect your workers and make your workplace a safer place.

Customer Testimonials

Pryme have done an outstanding job representing Sqwincher in Australia and have taken this brand to the number 1 position in the Australian industrial hydration market. This is evident by workers referring to their hydration drink as being a “Sqwincher”, regardless of the brand they may be consuming. Sqwincher has effectively become known as the noun, verb and adjective for industrial hydration in Australia, which is testament to the fantastic efforts of the Pryme team, that have taken this brand forward as their own.
Daniel Richards National Category Manager, RSEA Safety
Terry Houlihan and I have worked together since 1999. From the beginning, Terry did a great job launching Sqwincher throughout New Zealand and Australia. Today, Sqwincher is now the leading electrolyte beverage sold to the industrial workplace in both countries. Pryme continues to do an excellent job marketing multiple packages to numerous channels. We are very excited to have Pryme as our partner.
Tomy Howard CEO, The Sqwincher Corporation
To put Sqwincher to the test, I have been using and testing it for many months in a variety of training and working situations, as I prepare for ultra-marathons. I can carry several hour’s worth of Sqwincher sugar free Qwik Stiks in my pocket and as long as I have access to water, presto my electrolyte needs are taken care of. The best part is that Sqwincher is fantastic on my stomach and remains palatable no matter what the temperature or how long it is in my bottle.
Coach Jeff Ultra Marathon Runner
Sqwincher was introduced into our Steelmaking plant in mid-2000 with better than anticipated results. Since this introduction, there has not been one reported incident of heat exhaustion/fatigue, or work related collapse, remembering the conditions can be extreme during summer. Due to the varied packaging it is possible for even the most mobile of workers to have Sqwincher on hand anytime, anywhere. The results are not only in the reported injury stats, but also in the workers. Based on these facts, Sqwincher is an important asset on the production/maintenance lines.
Wendy Deeg Registered Nurse
The small size and convenient packaging allows me to take products out during rides and runs. To any athlete who pushes their body to the limits and understands the importance of hydration and electrolyte replenishment I recommend including Sqwincher products as part of your nutritional plan.
Emma Coman-Jeffries Triathelete

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