Women conquer Kokoda track with boost from Sqwincher

Women conquer Kokoda track with boost from Sqwincher - PRYME AUSTRALIA

A group of Aussie women have powered through a 100km trek in the Papua New Guinean jungle thanks to sponsorship from a national electrolyte replacement drinks distributor; Sqwincher: hydration that works.

The fundraising group Kokoda Chicks 2012 raised $104,000 for breast cancer after trekking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea in October 2012.

The 16 women kept up their energy on the arduous mountain trek thanks to sponsorship from Pryme Australia, which distributes Sqwincher rehydration drinks.

Sqwincher Rehydration Products

The women were supplied with portable, lightweight Sqwincher rehydration products, which are scientifically formulated to safely replace mineral salts, and replenish fluids and sugars at optimal absorption rates, which are depleted as a result of dehydration or through physical exertion.

The group drank Sqwincher Fast Packs up to an hour before they set off in the morning before they set off after lunch and then again in the afternoon. They also drank Sqwincher Qwik Stiks during water breaks and while they were trekking.

Reflecting on the Kokoda track

“No one was dehydrated or had cramps even though it was extremely hot every day,” said team member Jenny Arnold of Chinchilla. “One of our team members, Tiffany, who usually suffers from severe cramping was drinking the Sqwincher Qwik Stik serves and didn’t get a cramp for the whole nine days”.

She said everyone had their own “personal journey” and they had an “awesome” time on the trek. Kokoda Chicks consisted of 10 women from Chinchilla, three from Brisbane, two from the Gold Coast and one from Western Australia.

Pryme Congratulates the Kokoda Women

Pryme Australia managing director Terry Houlihan congratulated the Kokoda Chicks.

“Completing the Kokoda Track is no easy feat, being one of the most difficult treks in the world”, says Terry.

“Kokoda Chicks have shown great strength of character and physical stamina and they should be applauded for their efforts. We are proud to have supported them in this amazing journey and their aim to raise funds for breast cancer”.

The 96km Kokoda Track is the most famous in Papua New Guinea and is known for being the location of the World War II battle between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942.


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