Sqwincher Saves Mine Site Worker’s Life

Sqwincher Saves Mine Site Worker's Life - Pryme Australia Making The Workplace A Better Place

A mine site worker who was hospitalised for dehydration three times in a month says his condition only improved after he started drinking Sqwincher rehydration drinks.

ACT resident Stephen Thelan started suffering from dehydration symptoms after he began working as a labourer at a Port Hedland iron ore site in northern WA seven years ago.

The conditions were unforgiving – temperatures regularly reached 45 degrees Celsius, there was no shade and he had to wear hot, protective clothing and a helmet every day.

“For the first two weeks I was in the hospital three times,” Stephen said. “I wasn’t drinking enough water; I was only consuming 600ml of water a day. I was severely dehydrated. I had cramps, and headaches and I felt drained and run down. I was losing lots of salt as well – my clothes started turning white and I started getting rashes. I had to go on a saline drip when I was in the hospital.”

Water Alone is not Enough

“Despite drinking more water, nothing seemed to work. I was about to head home because I wasn’t surviving up there,” Stephen said. “However, I heard about a company called Protector A/safe in South Hedland, which recommended I use an electrolyte replacement drink called Sqwincher.”

Stephen said he started using Sqwincher Qwik Stiks in small drink bottles and his symptoms immediately vanished. He later advanced to using Sqwincher in 10L containers.

“Sqwincher really saved my life. It fixed everything – I no longer had headaches, cramps or nausea. It’s great and I still use it today.”

Be Aware of Dehydration

He advised people who were working in the mines to be aware of dehydration. “If you are prepared for the conditions, you’re a step ahead,” he said. “Drink lots of fluid, either an electrolyte replacement drink like Sqwincher. Sqwincher is an electrolyte replacement drink scientifically formulated to safely replace mineral salts, and replenish fluids, and sugars that are depleted through physical exertion.”

Sqwincher prevents heat stress disorders and supplemental source of energy plus quenches thirst. Containing important electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, Sqwincher contains carbohydrates for extra energy and water for hydration.


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