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Pryme was established under one guiding principle, that to this day serves as our key driver in everything you do, and that is to improve workplace safety and reduce incidents.

In the last decade, our understanding of safety has gone far and above the simple adoption of hazard signage and reporting. We know that ensuring the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of employees is not only a nice to have, it is a must. From products that assist in maintaining proper hydration and world class tool securing technology, to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and sun safety solutions, Pryme only partners with the most trusted and respected brands within their industries.

If you are a workplace looking to enhance worker safety, contact us today.

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Pryme have done an outstanding job representing Sqwincher in Australia and have taken this brand to the number 1 position in the Australian industrial hydration market. This is evident by workers referring to their hydration drink as being a ``Sqwincher,`` regardless of the brand they may be consuming. Sqwincher has effectively become known as the noun, verb and adjective for industrial hydration in Australia, which is testament to the fantastic efforts of the Pryme team, that have taken this brand forward as their own.

Daniel Richards

National Category Manager, RSEA Safety

Sqwincher was introduced into our Steelmaking plant in mid-2000 with better than anticipated results. Since this introduction, there has not been one reported incident of heat exhaustion/fatigue, or worked related collapse, remembering the conditions can be extreme during summer. Due to the varied packaging it is possible for even the most mobile of workers to have Sqwincher on hand anytime, anywhere. The results are not only in the reported injury stats, but also in the workers. Based on these facts, Sqwincher is an important asset on the production/maintenance lines.

Wendy Deeg

Registered Nurse

Terry Houlihan and I have worked together since 1999. From the beginning, Terry did a great job launching Sqwincher throughout New Zealand and Australia. Today, Sqwincher is now the leading electrolyte beverage sold to the industrial workplace in both countries. Pryme continues to do an excellent job marketing multiple packages to numerous channels. We are very excited to have Pryme as our partner.

Tomy Howard

CEO, The Sqwincher Corporation


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    About Our Brands

    Pryme works with well-established brands to deliver premier solutions for the industrial and safety market.

    If your workplace needs help managing heat stress and dehydration, Sqwincher offers a range of convenient products to provide effective hydration. For protection against the sun’s rays, Maxiblock has a large range of industrial-grade sunscreen products.

    For industrial skin care solutions, we supply a wide variety of cleansing products from our brands Peter Greven and Lordin. No matter the industry, there is a product that will meet your needs.

    For the best in tenacious work gear, Ergodyne is an international market leader. Their range of products can provide the quality safety solutions that your job site demands, whatever the industry.

    No matter the challenge your workplace demands, our brand partners will have a product that can help. Browse the range and find quality, innovative safety gear for any industry.

    About Us

    Pryme is the recognised market leader in supplying industrial workplace products. Working with a range of well-established brands, we can deliver industrial-grade safety products to meet any workplace requirement.

    Our international network of distributions centres and logistical expertise ensures you get a fast product supply. We’re a family owned and operated business, and we’re passionate about looking after our customers and suppliers.

    Workplace safety matters to us, so we’re committed to ensuring workers are protected with the best quality brands and products.

    Get in touch with our team today, and find out why we’re the top of our field.

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