Prevent Dry Cracked Skin

Skin that has been continuously damaged by harmful working materials or drying elements becomes weak and allows contaminants to break through causing dry, stressed, and often painful symptoms.

Keep working skin healthy through regular use of an aftercare product that will replenish, moisture and support your body’s natural regenerative process.

Greven® Creme C 
Concentrated Skin Care Cream 

* Replenishes Skin Moisture and Lipids

* Fast Absorbing and Non Greasy Feel

* Silicone Free

* Light Fragrance

* Suitable for Hands and Face

2000ml Soft Bottle

Part No. 13361004  I  1 Case (6 bottles)

100ml Tubes

Part No. 12985009 I 1 Case (50 tubes)

Greven® 2L Dispensers 

* Dispenses 1-2ml per Push (33% to 100%, Less than Competing Brands) 

* Dosage can be Adjusted in 3 Steps 

* Lockable, Long Lasting, No Maintenance

* Easy to Mount and Load

* No Clogging or Leaking 

2L Dispenser Black

Part No. 13447007 I   1 Unit

2L Dispenser White 

Part No. 13880002 I   1 Unit

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