Choosing the right Cooling Vest

Keeping workers cool in a hot workplace has two benefits:

It helps reduce the risk of a heat related accident or illness.

It not only keeps workers safer, it helps them be more productive, especially on long 10 or 12 hour shifts.

Choose the right cooling vest for your workplace.

Chill-Its™ 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest

Economy low cost cooling vest, work over PPE and work clothing.

• Super-absorbent material inside.
• Water-repellent liner.
• Lightweight, durable and washable.
• Soak in cold water 2-5 minutes to activate.
• Remains cool for up to 4 hours.

Chill-Its™ 6685 Dry Cooling Vest

New Dry Cooling Technology, worn over PPE & work clothing

• Provides immediate and long-lasting cooling.
• Up to three days of dry cooling.
• Activate with 13-20oz (400-600ml) of water.
• Lightweight, durable and machine washable.
• Easy to use, watertight filling cap.

Chill-Its™ 6260 Lightweight Phase Change Cooling Vest

• Maintains constant 59ºF / 15ºC
• 100% bio-based PCM
• Cooling lifecycle lasts up to 2 hours
• Adjustable soft canvas vest holds 4 lightweight packs
• 30-60% lighter weight than other PCM vests

Chill-Its™ 6215 Premium Phase Change Vest and Charge Packs

Can be worn under Hazmat, Coveralls or PPE. For workers in hot confined space, tank maintenance or continuously exposed to radiant heat. No compromise on safety features, with FR fabric & day / night reflective.

• Maintains constant 64ºF / 18ºC
• Cooling lifecycle lasts up to four hours
• Modacrylic cotton blend FR fabric
• Reflective striping for added visibility
• Fabric meets ASTM F1506 per NFPA 70E (CAT 1)

How does the Dry Evaporative Cooling Technology work?

1. Activate vest or cap – fill vest or cap with water and distribute water evenly
2. Inner dry tech membrane does its thing – technology gradually releases water through evaporation from the inside out keeping you cool, comfortable, and most importantly, dry
How cool will it get?
Will cool up to 15˚F (10˚C) below ambient air temp
*Note: high levels of humidity (60-80%) can affect cooling ability
How much water is needed?
Vest: 16 – 20 oz depending on size (400-600ml)
Cap: 3 oz (89ml)
*Note: more water ≠ better cooling, DON’T OVERFILL
How long does the cooling effect last?
Up to 3 days depending on environment
How tight should the vest fit?
As close to the skin as possible – the closer it is, the more cooling you feel. Recommend wearing over a lightweight t-shirt
Can the vest be worn underneath other garments?
The vest needs airflow to breathe so a mesh vest is fine, but heavier layers are not recommended
Do I need to clean the inside of the vest?
NO! Leave it be. It has an anti-microbial treatment that will keep itself clean and free from any bacteria or fungal growth
Can I wash the product?
You sure can, but keep that cap CLOSED

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