Check your Urine for Dehydration

It might sound strange,  but yes, the colour of your urine indicates whether  your body is dehydrated or not. It’s therefore a good and simple indication  factor to see if you get enough fluids into your  body.

Be aware though that the electrolytes in your body are not reflected through the colour of your urine. You could be hydrated well enough but if you are sweating and urinating frequently, your body requires electrolytes to replace the nutrients your body loses.

If you feel weak or tired, your body requires more electrolytes to restore its nutrients and energy levels.

Aim for a Hydrated Stream

Check the urine colours below and be aware of them next time you go to the toilet. You are well hydrated if your urine colour is between clear and light yellow. Once your urine becomes too yellow, make sure you drink more fluids.


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